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Europeana Food and Drink

We joined in 2014 the project called Europeana Food and Drink funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) that aims at promoting the wider re-use of the digital resources available through Europeana. Focusing on the rich and vibrant European food and drink culture and heritage, Europeana Food and Drink wishes to engage the general public, creative industries, cultural heritage organisations and the food and drink industries in creating, sharing, learning and making use of food- and drink related content.

The project brings together 28 partners from across 16 European countries and is led by the UK-based Collections Trust. Leading content providers, creative technologists and creative industry partners are working together in order to create an evocative suite of commercial applications and products featuring food- and drink related content catered to specific audiences.

The MKVM will contribute as a content provided with about 3600 items on one hand, and will also add value to other outcomes related all work packages including a possible exhibition.

Europeana Food and Drink will achieve its objectives by:

- Discovering, preparing, licensing and uploading 50,000 – 70,000 unique high-quality digital assets and their associated metadata to Europeana

- Engaging the general public, retailers and distributors in campaigns and in piloting and crowding activities to encourage them to share and make use of food- and drink related content

- Working with creative industry partners to develop a suite of innovative creative and commercial applications

- Enhancing unique ideas via Open Innovation Challenges and extending the Europeana Open Labs network

- Developing and sharing new knowledge, understanding and guidance on successful public/private partnerships focused on digital cultural content.

Permanent exhibitions
2011-12-06 - 2015-12-31

After nearly ten years, opening our new permanent exhibitions completed the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism again.

Goulash cannon and tin helmet
The First World War from a digestive view
2014-12-02 - 2015-05-31


temporary exhibition

The exhibition presents the decisive moments of rationing of the Austro-Hungarian army and the Hungarian population during the First World War through hinterland and battlefield sites.

All Insured
Hungarian insurance posters (1900-1990)
2015-02-18 - 2015-06-07


temporary exhibition

All Insured – Hungarian insurance posters (1900-1990) is the title of our temporary exhibition that displays insurance related posters by famous artists emphasizing the characteristics of each artist and their period. It presents pieces not only from the collection of our museum but also from the collections of eminent institutions and private collectors in order to give an overall picture about the 100 years of insurance history, side by side the history of poster design and the historical events in Hungary.

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